"Live your life to the fullest; and then, and only then, die. Don't leave any unlived life behind."  Irvin D Yalom

Hello, and a very warm welcome to my website.

I was born in Scotland and feel a sense of pride to be of Celtic heritage.  During my many years as a therapist, travelling, self-exploration, shamanism and adventure seeking has been my passion. Having authentic human connections my calling. Some have commented at my courage to go out there and travel alone and experience new cultures.  It’s not to say I haven’t been fearful, even panicked at times but as Irvim Yalom so eloquently says - "Live your life to the fullest; and then, and only then, die. Don't leave any unlived life behind."

I don’t spend much time these days with past regrets as I've come to realise over the years, that I would much rather regret what I have done, than regret not having done it.

My core training was in Humanistic Gestalt counselling at the highly respected Gestalt Centre in London. Gestalt therapy is defined as a humanistic approach to psychotherapy which includes psychoanalysis, existentialism, and phenomenology.

I believe we come into the world as perfect and unique human beings and at stressful or traumatic times during our lives  we may lose our sense of  'self'.  Therapy can give a helping hand to re-discover our uniqueness, get back to a sense of who we truly are, and to soften the impact of what caused us pain. 

I have had a very exciting and varied career to date, which has included working in front line crisis centres, management, training and the supervision of an award winning addiction counselling service, therapy groups for trafficked women, LGBTQ + & THT clients, prisons and so forth. More recently I have run shamanic healing retreats in South America with a gifted medicine woman as well as working with numerous shamans and traditional healers. My passion is in finding out how we can bridge the traditonal/ancient healing techniques with western therapy for our modern society.

What I’ve come to realise  most with my international client groups and world travel, is that there is a universal need for connection, a sense of belonging, purpose and the need for community. Who I am -Who I love - What I do, and with whom I do it with.

I am dedicating my life in the support of others to bring healing, love and compassion to what we find most uncomfortable and difficult in ourselves.  In my view the right dose of humour can be a great healer and lighten up even the darkest  of places. Having authentic relationships and feeling enough aliveness and vitality to live a rich life with all its twists and turns, especially in a world that can be unpredictable, challenging and at times painful. Please join me in my quest so we can learn together.